Network Integration

HPE Aruba AirWave


Wireless Network Management Solution AirWave

Gain sophisticated visibility across your access infrastructure and manage wired and wireless networks from a variety of vendors.
It is an NMS solution that can conveniently manage all generations from controllerless to controller managed mode, from legacy Wi-Fi to the latest 802.11ax WLAN.

Real time state of affairs

Real-time status check and management

In order to monitor and manage the wireless environment that changes in real time, wireless information management of RF status is paramount. How detailed terminal information such as quality distribution/intensity/speed by terminal is provided is an important function for efficient wireless management.

Management of Disabilities

Comprehensive management and disability management

When a wireless terminal's failure or problem occurs, it is difficult to find the cause of the failure, and there are too many factors to check, such as the terminal, wireless section, wired section, and authentication server.
Airwave provides a status indication for all sections of the terminal's communication to facilitate client troubleshooting.

Authentication Authorization Accounting

Provide real-time quality information

From the user's point of view, the factors that cannot be wireless can be largely divided into 4 cases.
① Wireless access     ② Authentication    ③ DHCP    ④DNS error If any one of the four is slow or the failure rate is high, this can lead to feedback from the user's point of view that wireless is not working.
If you recognize these four conditions in advance and analyze the pattern, you can respond and predict in advance for problems that degrade quality. Airwave provides this information and intuitive management with just one click.

User Experience Insight

Aruba User Experience Insight

Aruba User Experience Insight provides mobile user application assurance and rapid troubleshooting with easy-to-deploy sensors that continuously perform user-centric application testing. A simple, cloud-based dashboard displays actionable network information that is easy to understand.


End-Understanding the user's environment

User Experience Insight is the product of years of experience adding product quality, information design and software expertise.
The Dashboard of User Experience Insite makes it easier to change the work of the person in charge.

User Experience

Intuitive state understanding

Through each signal of Experience, Wi-Fi, Network, Internal, and External, you can intuitively understand each region's SSID, Service, and Application. You can focus on the user experience without unnecessary information.

Strong point

Other advantages

It provides smart notification service, cloud-based data, and mobile functions. Experience more than just Simple Management with User Experience Insight.