AI-based Control

Anti- Drone KDDS

KDDS (Korea Drone Dome System)
is a Korean drone defense system that supports the entire process from detection to response.
Background of the Anti-Drone System
KDDS(Korean Drone Defense System)
Need to establish a drone defense system according to the spread of cutting-edge intelligent drones
No drone detection, identification, and
response integrated operation system
Need to build a soft kill drone defense system based on spoofing & jamming
Necessity of KDDS

Technical Aspect

  • Low rate of localization of drone detection, identification, response equipment and integrated operation software
  • The high cost limits supply to major facilities
  • Need for constant control staff and difficult in timely and precise response cause of manual response after detecting and identifying drones
  • No empirical data, no defense system established, delayed system standardization, lack of standard operating procedure(SOP)
  • Delayed drone defense system establishment

Market Aspect

  • Potential drone attack threat exists due to insufficient legalization and technology development related to drone defense
  • Increased cost and decreased industrial activity due to insufficient drone industry ecosystem
  • Increasing trend of important national facilities such as ports, military, energy, public, correctional, and private industries
  • Contributing to the establishment of global standards such as anti-drone technology and strategy
Anti-drone System Companies

Feelanet provides a single package consisting of detection, identification
and response equipment and an integrated operational solution.

Country Company Radar RF Scanner EO/IR Spoofing Jamming Integrated Operational Solution
Israel Drone Guard (IAI Elta)
Israel Drone Dome (Rafael)
Israel SkyLock
Germany AARTOS DDS (Aronia)
Canada Drone Radar System (Accipter)
USA LDEW-CD (Babcock)
USA SkyTracker (CACI)
USA T-REX (Liteye/Orbital ATK)
Japan Drone Deterrence System (Mitsubishi)
Japan NEC
Japan Drone Finder (Panasonic)
Korea Feelanet (KDDS)
KDDS Operating Software
KDDS Defense Design

Provides response system for each zone through multi-layered
defense design based on Geo-Fencing

Zone Alarm Distance Applied Equipment
3km ~ 5km
  • Radar, EO/IR
2km ~ 3km
  • Radar, RF Scanner
  • EO/IR
  • Spoofer
Response 1
within 2km
  • Radar, RF Scanner
  • EO/IR
  • Spoofer
Response 2
within 500m
  • Jammer
  • Spoofer
Radar Scanner EO/IR
Spoofing System & RF Jammar
Ku /X Band Radar,
UAV Spectrum
Detection Device
Satellite Signal Blocking
Satellite Signal Deception, Deception Signal Generation
Small Power Spoofed Radio Wave Radiation
Communication Signal Jamming
Drone Detection
GPS Derangement
Satellite Signal Deception
Drone Spoofing
Drone Capture