Integrated Control Platform

EO/IR Camera

-based DAVA-LRE-M3T EO/IR Camera is a high-performance day and night surveillance camera optimized for drone detection as well as land, coast, and river surveillance by applying Korean technology.
Laser Range Finder Infraed Thermal Camera Electro-Optica Camera Pan / Tilt Head
On-site of Gageo Island
Main Function
High-Speed Precision Pan-Tilt
based on AC/DC Power
EMC/EMI (KC Certificated)
Rapid and Accurate Target Detection Information
High Quality Color Image through Fog Removal and Image Correction
Operating Software
Main Specifications of Pan-Tilt
  • Weight100+ kg (depending on configuration)
  • Dimension800 x 800 x 630 mm
  • AngleAzimuth 360º Continuous Pan / ± Elevation 70º
  • Certification IP66/67 (according to user requirements), KC, Flame Resistance, Weather Resistance
  • Power5~24VDC (excluding motor), 220VAC (strong torque motor)
Camera Footage
High definition daytime camera footage
3km surveillance at sunrise on the Buan coast
3.5km thermal surveillance on the Bukchon Jeju