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We provide .NET consulting services that maximize the development and operation productivity, usability, stability, and expandability. Fx.Platform, a general-purpose application development and operation framework, is the ultimate outcome of what we have accumulated based on experience and expertise.

Fx.Platform has been utilized as a tool for creating a wide range of information systems, including ERP, Groupware, CRM, and Portal, for all types of industry, business, and institution. Our clients vouch for its effectiveness as the best general-purpose framework for application development and operation in the industry.

The Effectiveness of fx.Platform

Dramatic Increase in Development Productivity

  • Abundant development resources
  • - Standard enterprise project templates, common components, UI components, and a class library

  • Minimized Training Period
  • - Programmer training and technology transfer TA training over a maximum of 2 weeks
  • - Utilization of novice developers and minimization of productivity loss caused by replacement of developers

  • Standard Development Methodology and Development Framework Establishment
  • - Significant savings in development costs in subsequent applications

Maximized Performance

  • Effective and convenient implementation of SOA-based layered architecture
  • - Application of .NET Remoting & XML Web Service Façade patterns
  • - Maximized performance in the given service environment and implementation of broadband services

Improved Operation Efficiency

  • Standardization of maintenance through development pattern establishment
  • Maximization of operational effectiveness through provision of a variety of operation support tools
  • - Real-time Monitoring Tool

  • Empowering users with real-time updates
  • Identification of parts across the system requiring tune-up

  • - Log Viewer

  • A wide range of information and level settings: Performance, Warning, Fatal, Error, and Information
  • Log analysis function using an open source tool based on a standard format
  • - Environment Settings

  • Free from distribution-related issues due to unique management of environment settings
  • Fortification of system security through use of encryption
  • - Dependency Settings

  • System development support through application of DI and IoC patterns
  • Lessened complexity
  • Flexible development support