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Increasing the utility and value of Lync, the business grade instant messaging and presence.

SmartCube for Lync is an add-in solution that links the additional functions like organizational tree, memo, and SMS with LOB (line of business) services to enable push notifications and call-ins.
SmartCube features are designed so that they merge harmonically into the Lync UI. Users can easily apply brand logos, icons, colors and other design related features through policy settings.
If you are planning to deploy Lync or are already a user, SmartCube can help heighten the value of the standalone communication platform within the business.

Product Summary

  • SmartCube is the add-in for you if you are……

  • Planning to upgrade from a lower version or deploy Lync for the first time
  • Using Lync as the main communication platform
  • Looking to link Lync to your enterprise systems to increase accessibility
  • Looking to apply your company brand features on to Lync
  • Less than satisfied with Lync

What SmartCube offers

  • Branding

  • Company brand logos and design features can be applied on to the SmartCube layout

  • Organization Tree

  • An easy-view display of organization members
  • Convenient-to-use options like adding contacts, starting calls, and sending IMs, SMS, and memo
  • The same presence status information as Lync

  • Memo

  • Send and receive messages in a similar form to emails in an offline environment
  • Be free from file size limits when transferring big files
  • Receive read receipts

  • Notification

  • Send notifications to designated departments or all within the organization
  • Send big file attachments in the same form as memos
  • Set validity intervals to show notifications in a predetermined period of time

  • SMS

  • Users can sync text messaging to Lync and send SMSs to Lync contacts from the contact list or organization tree.

  • LOB Systems Push Notifications

  • Provides API to enable LOB system menu creation and allow push notifications

  • Centralization

  • Centralization of all supported functions through policy-based control and management
  • Policies can be applied in department or user units. For conglomerates, affiliates are also applicable as a unit.

System Requirements

  • SmartCube Server for Lync

  • OS: Windows Server 208 R2 or above
  • Infra: Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL 2005 SP2 or above, Messaging Infra
  • Hardware: x86 2.8GHz Quad or above, RAM 16GB or above, HD 10GB or above
  • Storage: DAS recommended for attachment file storage single configuration, NAS for duplex configuration
  • Other: .NET Framework 4.5

  • Client

  • OS: Windows 7 or above
  • Hardware: x86/x64 1.8GHz or above, RAM 2GBor above
  • Software: Microsoft Office Lync 2013, .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile(automatically installed when SmartCube is installed)