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Cubelook is the optimal option for Outlook users.

It not only provides a unique user experience through Convergence Service but it also increases the value and utility of existing IT services while also improving the quality of communication.

Product Summary

  • Is Outlook your main source of communication?

  • "My Outlook is always 'on'."
  • "I manage my daily schedules on Outlook."
  • "I manage my contact directory with Outlook."
  • "Outlook is my key tool in conducting business."

  • Do you want to do more with your Outlook?

  • "I always use a web portal or hard drive when sending emails with big file attachments."
  • "I always call or send a SMS after having sent a meeting request or other important content."
  • "DMA (Direct Marketing Ad) is fine as a marketing tool but a more consistent form of branding would help."
  • "The organization tree and undisclosed recipient features are essential."

What CubeLook offers

  • Organization Tree

  • Seamless UI and high usability
  • Optimized internal communication gained from utilizing the search and connection functions of the organization tree
  • Address book connectivity through synching users' personal mobile phones with office PCs
  • Integrated management enabled by Active Directory

  • Smart SMS

  • Automated delivery of custom SMS messages
  • One-click SMS text alerts for email delivery, meeting requests, and rescheduling requests
  • Enhanced communication with non-Outlook users and external Lync contacts

  • Big Files

  • More mailbox space and seamless content transfer enabled by big file attachment and ZIP compression features
  • Download alert and tracking features for confirmation of delivery
  • Instantaneity gained from smart SMS connectivity
  • Enablement of simultaneous use with ZIP compression, ZIP passwords, and undisclosed recipients

  • Automated E-mail Signature

  • Centralized management of Outlook signatures
  • Reinforcement of company brand awareness through use of automated signatures and templates in Doc, DocX, and MHT format
  • Case-based application in compliance with company policies, e.g., department or user based

  • Central Management Policy

  • Smooth policy management enabled by central management UI
  • Department and user-based function control UI
  • Policy setting to regulate monthly SMS usage, departmental signature, and other mandatory items