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My Browser for SharePoint application is a SharePoint browser that enables quick and convenient selection and setting of frequently used SharePoint library items.

The application allows a more convenient access for SharePoint users, enabling them to select and subscribe to frequently used libraries regardless of the type. The selected libraries are updated on a real-time basis and can be accessed without accessing the SharePoint web browser.

The subscribed libraries are provided in two types of setting: a touch-oriented group setting and a keyboard-and-mouse-oriented tiles setting. Users are entitled to customization of settings and can access library contents using 3 functions: Semantic Zoom, Search, and Favorites.

Through Settings, users can organize the order, number, and arrangement of library contents and even select from the array of theme colors provided within the application.

Users can share their library contents with other users via email or viable applications and they have the option of registering their favorite contents under Favorites which enables quick and easy access.

My Browser for SharePoint application enables you to utilize your SharePoint in the quickest and easiest way.

Key Features

* Subscription to all SharePoint library contents
* Toast/tile notifications for new posts registered in subscribed libraries
* Access to detailed information on subscription contents
* Provision of two types of viewer setting: group and tiles
* User setting of the arrangement of contents and maximum number of contents loadable
* Addition of frequently used contents to Favorites
* Sharing or emailing of contents with other users
* Post, edit, and delete enabled Library
* Tree view format file browser for Document Library
* Provision of add, edit, delete, view in local mode, and view in web mode features in Documents