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How do you manage your files?

“I use the basic functions in Windows”
“I use programs that provide simple options”
“I organize my file system myself”
Let us introduce you to FX-Sync!

Are you frustrated with all the limitations?

“I get a headache trying to understand the new set of rules every time”
“I need to record and manage my sync and backups in more detail”
“I want to be able to change the file and folder names automatically”
“I would like to compress less prioritized files and manage them in one place”
“The SharePoint documents entail too many restrictions which is why I manage them myself”
See what function the FX-Sync solution offers!

Best Choice for a Synchronization Solution – FX-Sync

FX-Sync is a solution that synchronizes both local and online files and folders with its detailed and powerful set of rules. Users can utilize solution rules to define a new set of rules that are optimal in their customers’ environment. The solution provides rules that can be extended to function under various types of businesses. .NET-based Dynamic Script provides rules that can be extended to fit a variety of business operations. (The system supports user-defined .NET codes)


Key Features

* User-defined rules
* Mutiple/selective/sequential processing
* Compressed file viewer(.fnz)
* Realtime log tab update
* Log analysis
* SharePoint login
* Rule settings
* Dynamic script
* Multilingual setting